Just a few Notes:

MOOSE: Yes there are a lot of Moose photographs. I have always had a thing for Moose, I think it goes back to my childhood when my father and I would watch Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoons. Thanks dad.  Some of the bulls I followed over many years. They can be identified from year to year by their racks that grow back each year in much the same form as the year before. Each bull has a unique rack to themselves.

BEARS: Bears are the rock stars of the parks. Any bear within view of the roads will generate an instant traffic jam (bear jam). The most rewarding way I found to photograph bears is from a kayak along the shore line. Not another person insight. Maybe not always the best results, but always the best memories!

Yellowstone Wolves,  Red Fox, Otters, Big Horn Sheep, Elk, Bison, Owls, Eagles, American Pelicans, and Snowy White Owls are all included in this gallery. I hope you enjoy.

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All these animals are in their natural environment.